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Unsolicited articles, essays, book reviews, and blog entries are welcomed by Global Policy Analysis.

Blog contributions should be concise, consisting of 400 – 800 words.  Articles and essays will typically exceed 800 words and are not constrained by a limitation on the length of the article.  Please inform us whether you seeking compensation for your submission.

Please submit also ideas for blogs or articles to:

Here are a few style guidelines for writers:

  • Use American spelling (i.e. use ‘z’ instead of ‘s’ where appropriate and leave off the additional ‘e’ that is oft found in British spelling such as in ‘centre’) and American idioms or words.  The reason for this preference is demographic.  There are more Americans than there are Britons.  Moreover, due to the export of American culture via films, songs, etc. native speakers of the British English can often understand the American variant of English more easily than vice versa.  The exception to this is when you’re referring to a proper noun.
  • Please include citations where necessary.  This can be in either  a link within the text (e.g.:  According to the report published by the Hudson Institute…), which is preferred for blog posts,  or as a reference footnoote (Chicago style is preferred, but others are also acceptable) for longer articles.